Miel San Marcos


Execute a strong paid media campaign to drive ticket sales for Miel San Marcos’ Arena CDMX concert.


  • Paid Media (Digital)
  • Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Execution
  • Optimization

The Story

Known for being one of the most successful Spanish Christian worship bands in recent times, Miel San Marcos has a strong presence on social media, whose fundamental strength is the organic engagement that makes them a cultural phenomenon.

For the closing night of their tour in late 2022, their objective was to fill the “Arena Ciudad de México”, one of the most significant venues in Mexico (with 15,000 seats in the arena).  They hired Sandoval Agency to leverage their fan base and drive ticket sales for this final 2022 concert.


The Strategies


CREATE an efficient targeting strategy that is unique to the band's audience.  Our agency created a geo-targeting strategy and a custom audiences strategy that directly targeted the band's fans and look-a-like audiences. Our prior knowledge of the fans helped us to structure all of these elements immediately, without the need for testing.


DEVELOP effective copy that appeals to the interests of the target audience, prioritizing messages such as ticket promotions and special guests.  All messaging incorporated a Christian feel, which is a fundamental part of the Miel San Marcos brand.


IDENTIFY the best social platforms for the campaign, making use of our experience in creating custom audiences.  This allowed us to achieve very high performance indicators from the beginning, characterized by low costs and solid click-through-rates.


TEST creative optimizations in order to highlight current sales promotions (i.e. Buen Fin Promotions, which is similar to a Mexican Black Friday, and leveraging the promotions of Superboletos.com, the platform in charge of ticket sales).