Redeeming Love


Redeeming Love, the historical romance novel written by Francine Rivers, has a devoted fan base. Our goal with this campaign was to reawaken their love for the story and establish the film’s release as THE event that fans have been waiting for.


  • Paid Media (Digital)
  • Art Direction/Design
  • Digital and Social Strategy
  • Social Content

  • Copywriting
  • Web Design and Development
  • TikTok Content

The Story

Redeeming Love is a historical romance novel written by Francine Rivers. Since it was published in 1991, the novel has procured a fiercely loyal fan base. Many fans have read it over a dozen times, countless have recommended it to everyone they know, and all of them have been waiting for the day that Redeeming Love would be adapted into a film.

Knowing this novel means so much to so many around the world, it was our goal to honor the story, the author, and the fans throughout the campaign.


“It’s a story I’ve always wanted to bring to those who walk wounded by life and hunger for hope.”

—Francine Rivers, Author of Redeeming Love

The Strategies


INDENTIFY and excite the fans of the book. Reawaken their love for the story.


POSITION the movie as an EVENT– one that should be experienced with friends and in a theater, on the big screen.


PROVIDE opportunities for audiences to get to know the cast, so they are on the journey together.


DEVELOP highly targeted ads with very specific messaging for each audience.


CREATE TikTok content to give Redeeming Love a fresh voice that will resonate well with younger audiences.